SYLVAIN ROCHON‍‍‍ - Engineering Paradise

Futurist, author, serial entrepreneur and high impact speaker

We live in exciting times as our world moves from the Information Age to one powered by AI.  I’m amazed at the latest scientific and technological advancements and at the opportunities they present to entrepreneurs, administrators, and professionals.  No matter what you do professionally, you can contribute in the design and adoption of a brand new better world, powered by knowledge and technology.  

Whenever I speak, I bring to bear an amazing baggage of experiences:

About me

Sherman Chin , Venture Capital Principal, 1337 Ventures

"As an entrepreneur, Sylvain has definitively experienced a great deal in business and I am glad to see him share his wealth of knowledge and contact network as an independent consultant.  He would be an invaluable asset to many companies who can now have the opportunity to tap his resources."

Joel Velazquez , Agile PM & Coach, Change Agent, Solutions Delivery Inc

"I was in the audience while Sylvain was speaking about different ways to fund a startup. He really knows how to connect with the public, no question about that!"



Coach & Facilitator


Degrees in biochemistry, chemical engineering and education

Over 20 years of experience in business coaching, starting new businesses, writing and speaking

Experience as a board member for The Ottawa Network, teaching in the Interactive Multimedia and Design program at Carleton University and multiple technology and media businesses.

Over 100 published articles online, 200 technology/future-thinking videos on YouTube and more

In everything I do, I strive to guide entrepreneurs so that they make intelligent choices.  I want other forward-looking thinkers to benefit from the opportunities that leverage new research and technologies.  

Join me in this adventure of a lifetime!

Pascal St-Jean , TEC-Canada Chair & Business Leadership Coach

"An amazing takeaway and a great presentation."

Josef Stetter , Speaker, Author of "Congratulations You Are Hired:  It Was Easier Than You thought!"

“Engineering Paradise is an absolute must read in a world that is changing and evolving exponentially. The insights into technology is cutting edge and a priority the world needs when yesterday is already here. Sylvain has written a must read for anyone who has an aspiration to change the world with new technological innovation. A must read for all pioneers who see technology to positively impact the human race!”

James Mackenzie , Serial Entrepreneur & Technological Guru

"The future has so much complexity, but this book makes it so approachable you can almost reach out and touch it.  Sit down and get ready to have your eyes opened!"  

Jason Daley , Venture Catalyst, Portfolio Entrepreneur & Innovation Advisor

“This is an enlightening read about the Wonder of discovery and human ingenuity.  My hope is that conscientious readers will leverage rapid technological change to solve Earth’s most pressing issues.”  

Christopher Waddell , Ph.D, Professor at Carleton University, Past Parliementary Bureau Chief (CBC Television News)

""Engineering Paradise offers readers a positive look at the future - delivering the not-so-subtle message that we have the power and ability to use technology to shape the future we want rather than be passive victims of how technology will control our lives, no mater what we may do to forestall it. "