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On PATREON, you can join me on my quest of creating a Paradise on Earth.  It takes guts.   ARE YOU READY?

About me

It took me 30 years to figure out what really got my fire burning.  It wasn't science,  engineering or education even though I have the degrees.  It wasn't in business venture even though I spent over 12 years building IT businesses.

No.  What really gets me up in the morning is the IDEA that together, we can engineer this world into a paradise, using current technologies.

The funny thing is, the answer has always been in front of us the whole time.  We just didn't know enough about human behavior, the foundations of motivation and human biochemistry to understand it.

We can leverage this understanding of human nature and technologies like artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, gene editing, 3D printing & blockchain to empower ourselves today.

I am psyched to share my vision and the the solutions of tomorrow with you.

Are you ready?

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